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7 cups of tea chat room

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You still remember the world pre-internet. When you can go outside, meet people, and when you connect you block the use of a phone line. That's not how we live anymore. Now you're connected from the day you are born. And kids, just watch kids interact.

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You still remember the world pre-internet. When you can go outside, meet people, and when you connect you block the use of a phone line. That's not how we live anymore.

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Now you're connected from the day you are born. And kids, just watch kids interact.

They're using the internet to make the kind of connections you and I just don't understand. They're seeking levels of comfort and intimacy and it can be given to them from around the world. If you're transgendered and the struggles or problems you face can't be related to your neighbor. If you're dealing with issues cha your family doesn't understand or don't want to tolerate, where do you turn? Another person half way around the world to someone who aches cusp connection is more real than the crowd of people he's in.

So when people latch on to this idea that technology isolates us, I say you don't think big enough.

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You're physically in a body but your mind's free with the internet. And that's just roim. I think unfortunately this is the way of things, don't you?

People are afraid to be vulnerable offline; tex always have. The anonymity of online connection makes people's walls come down and allows them to be vulnerable without fear of judgment. I actually think that is incredibly powerful and something humans have never had access to before.

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Also, professional psychiatric help which often simply involves this active listening pf incredibly expensive. Everyone deserves access to that help. Rom, YES, I think we do need to make a concerted effort to connect with family, friends, and neighbors in person. The internet can facilitate these things and facilitate connections with people we ly never had access to.

Any product that facilitates human interaction offline, to me, is a gift. I've heard this argument referred to as the "Bowling Alone Hypothesis" [1]. Basically the idea that first radio, then television, and now the internet, etc.

Some simply dismiss these arguments as ludditism, but I think a much more nuanced response casts the internet as a great medium for communication [3], social engagement [4], and activism [5]. Most people I've talked to are quite young like high schoolers to peeps in their late 20's with quarter-life crisis.

Digital peer-support platform (7cups) as an adjunct treatment for women with postpartum depression: feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy study

I think the appeal of the site is to relate to strangers and letting your guard down. I think there's a lot of appeal of listening to someone as it makes you relate to your own problems and step outside of yourself to realize that it's not a "me" world; chst that everyone is kinda of grotesque like in that short story collection, "Winesburg, Ohio".

I think that's the appeal of subreddits for people to go into smaller communities. Same thing with one-on-one online anonymous chats. It's the not rooj as talking with friends, friends may be unavailable because they're busy or with someone else or you don't want to share some details with them.

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It helps frame your problem from your original context in your social and family clique to try to explain it to a stranger. What's so special about the cnat of people who happened to choose the same building to live in?

I can understand that historically it made sense, but nowadays it just feels outdated. Or maybe that's just cha bias, since I dislike most of mine for various reasons.

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HCIdivision17 on July 25, We certainly seem to live in a more secluded society, and it runs far deeper than the Internet. From what I've gleaned, this isolation has been increasing for decades.

Immediately I cat reminded of a book on my list to read called Bowling Alone[1]. But I had associated the Internet with better connectedness as a result.

I wasn't raised in an active neighborhood community, it was just the place I lived. And so I live today; I don't really know who my direct neighbors are, because my social life is smeared out so much farther.

About 7 cups

While I am cordial and pleasant, there's not a lot of social depth left of me to share. Which likely comes across as aloof.

I think of this as something like an "intro to connection," a way for lonely people to bootstrap cpus zero friends to one or more. I'm very comfortable talking about personal stuff with pretty much anyone, but I definitely was not like that in my teens and twenties. It took me lots roo experience and not a little therapy to get to the point where I'm comfortable.

Perhaps this can be a shortcut for others. Both of those counter your assertion of isolation and it's a value judgement on your part that these forms of interaction are inferior to the ones you promote.

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The internet doesn't provide a filter to in-person experiences, it's an entirely different set of experiences and forms of interaction that resemble aspects of in-person ones, but are not the same nor are they simulations. Talking to a random stranger is sometimes a first step in talking to other people.

I agree with you. These terms need to be clarified.

We decided to use volunteers in the intro to introduce the idea of what 7 Cups is doing. While the members do technically "volunteer" their time, you wouldn't usually use that terminology. Technically, they're just giving cat time to the community.