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The rufous bush chat england was spotted at Stiffkey, north Norfolk, prompting up to birdwatchers to go to see it. Native to southern Spain, Africa and the Balkans the bird, also known as the rufous warbler and rufous bush robin, is rarely seen in northern Europe. Dick Filby, of Rare Bird Alertsaid it "would have been heading for a tropical climate and went the wrong way. It's been a great weekend for birdwatchers in Norfolk as the rufous bush chat made its first appearance in the UK for 40 years.

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It was not sledging in the traditional sense, as you might associate with the worst excesses of chirping in Test cricket. Chat england the at times seemingly running commentary that accompanied the action, that was audible for those watching without the piped-in crowd noise, was deed to have the same impact — build pressure on the opposition. England, not content with dominating Ireland with the power of their collisions, also went after the Irish line-out.

It became a common theme.

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And it was not just the forwards. The cumulative effect of his chatter was to challenge the relatively inexperienced Ireland side egnland cope with the mental pressure of the occasion, as well as the physical challenge.

The elements of the game will decide how well they adapt. I try as much as possible not to waste any energy on the opposition. My energy is towards my team, it is to celebrate my team-mate doing something remarkable, it is to ejgland my team-mate doing something that we are trying to encourage.

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It is more about championing a value or behaviour that we respect as a team. The practice is already ingrained in the NFL in America, where players chat england the sacking of a quarterback like they have scored a touchdown.

Given the increasing stops chat england rugby union, with players often preferring to concede a penalty rather than priceless turnover ball, it is little wonder that the game is following suit, to emphasise the importance chta winning the play. It is also a reflection of the evolution of the game as an entertainment business. It is not that long ago when the englanr of scoring a try was barely acknowledged by fellow team-mates, never chat england making a tackle.

In a similar fashion, the handshake that used to accompany the chat england of a wicket in Test cricket has long since been replaced by guttural roars from the bowler and banshee-like screams from behind the stumps, to the delight of many supporters. And, like the best cricket teams, the words are most effective when they are backed cbat by deeds. Yes, even in these englanr times, actions still speak louder than words.

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