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It is the beginning of the virtual age, and as Sandy Stone describes it Some of the ways which we establish intimacy - especially how men and women communicate esx each other, are important implications of the mediated communication environment we are beginning to inhabit. The works by artists I site serve as a critique of Internet communication - they all react to CYBER chat women sex kassel informed, and sometimes humorous way. It will also become one of the most profitable industries in the years to come. CYBER generally refers to the realm of data flow - the digital flow of coded information transferred between physical locations: between individuals, institutions, organizations, and governments.

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The boundaries of "flirtations" are often unclear and left for interpretation.

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The fact that Internet provides a very fast, and a very seductive link to others allows one to go directly to ideas and concerns. This is a ificant factor in establishing an on-line connection, and the exchanges can be quite rapid. ON LINE intimacy is achieved differently than intimacy in real life - but it still depends on the aex person's ability to build fantasy.

To define "intimacy" is quite important, because it is connected very strongly to real, daily life. Because the term "CYBER" is still linked to the physical space we inhabit, which we must call "real" - because - we can't presently escape so easily in real life, like, we can't just LOG-OFF when we tire of a staff meeting, or when a domestic argument occurs - that is if we want to stay our of a mental hospital.

Intimacy refers to the various forms of private, and physical connection, and individuals make with one another - it is human contact, and, contact that is familiar.

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Most people consider intimacy to be romantic and kasel an "ideal" nature, But, intimacy does not necessarily mean only contact that is sexual. Friendship is perhaps the most important intimate connection we have as individuals. In jassel fullest sense, people who are "intimate" link to the deepest and most meaningful moments of human experience - chat women sex kassel which they seek to share.

The audio was taken from hours of transcripts of actual IRC sessions.

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There were originally six different tracks, of several people in conversation with each other, which were amplified through six sets of small stereo speakers. It depends heavily upon memory and motive.

ON LINE intimacy has created a new use of language - with new words - and new syntax - and corresponding new levels of understanding. And, language as the driver of thought - which Wittengenstein has well defined - will impact society, and humanity will evolve with the new lingo found in ON LINE communication.

What about the lack of women on line? This is a growing development, and women who use Internet find it an empowering and intellectual endeavor.

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Because women -- generally-- are focused on connection rather than status and failure, intimacy is a central factor in the communication links they form - woomen or virtual. Deborah Tannen, one of the few linguists who finds intimacy to be "key in the world of connection," says that although all individuals negotiate kaassel networks to develop friendship, intimacy - for women - it is the act of having close, familiar, private, and meaningful relationships.

In on-line relationships, the environment for intimacy is primarily conversational, where women are in the more dynamic --and natural-- in the role as communicators. In the ON LINE communication links formed by women, the act of assuming superiority is a negative assumption - as it is in real life. For men, however, Tannen points out that communication is primarily used to chat women sex kassel status - which equals their independence.

This promotes wojen male to give orders - elevating his idea of status even more.

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Connection and intimacy to women means: we are close and the same. This is also the ground of the net world discussion groups - and the bottom line for access for all. CYBER feminism declares a relationship between women and technology to be a normal and natural liaison, and provides a positive and female centered theoretical position for communication and expression.

What is extremely important is that this an ON LINE development for new areas of communication between technically literate women. CYBER babes are talking to each other, and teaching each other They are women communicating with sec in the age-old female act of sharing experiences, and supporting one another, not in the kitchen but in the new electronic chat women sex kassel. In conclusion, if ON LINE connectivity and intimacy is established via consensual and non-hierarchical text - which is more female in nature - but when the majority of users are men - how does this figure?

Are men becoming communicators in a feminine manner?

Are men learning to relate in non-status terms? The reported incidence of many, many men posing as women ON LINE also brings up the fact that many men are talking to each other - with a fantasy based intimacy as women - yet enjoying the heterosexual attention from men. Likewise, the women who regularly inhabit womsn space often find it necessary to represent themselves as men - to escape the harassment of chat requests, or the persistent aggressiveness of men who find them "there for using".

Therefore, seeking coffee talk and consensual problem sharing, many women simply closed women-only news groups, including a growing of Womeb orientated BBSs, many which ask for some proof of gender! Most women report feelings of hostility towards men who lie about their gender, and who enter discussions as women -- and furthermore, women can generally spot a man in disguise by the manner in which he addresses her - or the group.

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But chat women sex kassel agrees that by entering female only domains, this can slowly help men to learn more cooperative methods of communication, more consensual, and more tactics that are group orientated in practice than the typical male style of hierarchical use of language to establish power positions and status. Magazine article is recalled. He described his motivation to represent himself as a woman in order to "understand" women. Lynn creates a modern story of cross-dressing, an updated romance that deals with the problems women and men face in ON LINE communication with each other.

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