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With neoliberal globalization, the state has been obliged to downsize and abandon a range of its obligations to civil rights, confining itself to the role of guardian of property. The chihuahau is that this violence has become illegitimate and has been used against society itself. In Mexico, the demand that the state fulfill its responsibility to guarantee security has been mounting.

At the end of June, Mexico City hosted the largest demonstration in recent history, in which thousands upon thousands of people demanded an end to the climate of public insecurity. At the start, the power of money, the electronic media and various ultra-right organizations tried to manipulate the march, but they were no match for the massive turnout of an economically and culturally pluralist society.

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Over half of its inhabitants are immigrants and an enormous of people take up temporary residence there, many of them living in miserable conditions, with the expectation of crossing into the United States to work. If the official data for in that city recorded an alarming of marginalized people, the figure had doubled by In the seventies and eighties, as locak unemployment was on the rise, the job offers in these assembly plants for re-export prioritized young women.

The bosses argued that women work more and—even more importantly—cheaper. This loczl to the increase in female migration. Alcohol consumption increased among the men, as did violence against women. Although many male workers were incorporated into the work force, achieving almost full employment by the end of the s, the US recession at the start of this decade hit hard, triggering a new wave of unemployment. Many of them became easy prey for the prostitution networks.

The first eight victims of thebrutal, repeated, unsolved crimes The unemployment, inhospitable environment and uprootedness created chihuahua chat women sex local ideal setting for the propagation of drug addition, alcoholism and violence.

Thus, it was there that a macabre phenomenon began to appear in the bodies of eight women were found with s of rape, torture and strangulation. All were young women whose relatives had reported them missing, but the authorities had made little effort to search for them.

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These murders were the first links in a long and thus far unending chain of painful mysteries. New bodies are still being found. Most of the victims are young, dark-skinned women, and a considerable worked in the maquilas after migrating to the city in search of better living conditions. There they were exposed to the insecurity cbihuahua late-night working hours with no public transport.

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Not all victims are maquila workers, however; they also include homemakers, students, domestic workers and prostitutes. Many were kidnapped, held captive for days and subjected to harassment, sexual violence, torture and mutilations. Death came by strangulation or savage beatings. Their bodies were found among rubble, in deserted areas or alongside railroad tracks to make it appear that their bodies had been battered by chiuhahua train.

Over the course chihuahua chat women sex local the past decade, society has been demanding explanations and solutions. Many argue that those responsible for these horrendous crimes can be found among the traffickers in drugs and people, sometimes naming police chiefs, dealers in other dark businesses such as gambling houses, shady bars, houses of prostitution and the like, and figures linked to powerful old families of the past PRI regime.

Members of youth gangs and even an aging Egyptian were accused, and in fact accepted their responsibility for some of the murders. Whatever the details, the reality is that these reiterated and unsolved brutal murders demonstrate that being poor and a woman is very dangerous in that city, making them preferred targets. Evidence of complicity Some bodies were never claimed, but the relatives of many of the victims did indeed look for them.

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And in undertaking this task they came up against the sloth and ridicule of local authorities. The first problem is that forced disappearance is not a serious crime meriting full pursuit in Chihuahua. Thus, none of the missing persons reports were investigated in time.

Those who demanded investigation of the drug dealers were threatened and all those who asked for justice were harassed. All of this has revealed the complicity of municipal, state and federal police. Relatives of the chihuahua chat women sex local complain that they were being mistreated and ignored because they and the victims were not wealthy and thus had no access to justice.

They lost whatever trust they might have had in the authorities. Their reputation and that of their families was called into question. The complicity, impunity, corruption, inefficiency and locl of the authorities led mothers, sisters and even neighbors of the victims to organize and take up the task of investigating, interviewing witnesses and creating search brigades to look for bodies. They began their fight together with teachers, lawyers and members of human rights organizations—most of them women as well.

They created autonomous entities to make chhiuahua count of the dead and demand justice.

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These groups offered well-grounded lines of investigation, including names and even phone s. While the authorities only scoffed at their data, the injured parties futilely continued to demand respect for the rule of law. The first reaction of local authorities was to minimize the events, alleging that everything was being exaggerated and the murders were nothing more than isolated events. Later, the government of the state of Chihuahua assured that all the perpetrators were already behind bars.

The foreign press has taken up this devastating chihuahua chat women sex local much more frequently than its Mexican counterparts have. Some US media have charged that the Mexican authorities incorrectly identified many of the bodies and that their relatives had been harassed. One journalist rhetorically asked what the Mexican government was hiding or whom it was covering for. It also proposed taking the case to the European Parliament.

The situation only worsened as local authorities responded to these pressures by threatening the relatives. She charged that the murders were sexist crimes favored by impunity, and urged the government to adopt measures to protect human rights defenders and put an end to the violence against women.

Femicides in ciudad juárez

They chkhuahua condemned the harassment of the families themselves. Inthe UN ed a technical collaboration agreement with the government of Mexico to solve these feminicides. In AprilLe Monde published a confidential UN report denouncing possible police collusion and nexuses with drug trafficking in the disappearances and murders. The of such people in any given year is high: in and in It demanded an exhaustive and impartial investigation, lamenting that the cases had been minimized and the victims, poor working women, held to blame.

It concluded that at least a third of the murdered women had suffered sexual aggression before dying.


It also charged that the only response by the authorities for 10 years had been to treat the crimes as common violence in the private sphere, without recognizing the existence of a pattern of persistent violence against women deeply rooted in gender discrimination. Referring to the deficiencies in the official investigations and the climate of impunity, it noted that the investigations had been tossed aside early on, when efficient follow-up would have saved lives.

It stressed that it was shameful for the authorities that families had been forced to assume an investigative role because those to whom it rightfully belonged had behaved apathetically, indifferently and even with complicity. In Novemberit presented a 1, report to the chihuahua chat women sex local and legislative branches, pointing out the unwillingness of federal, state or fhat governments to stop the tragedy. This commission documented serious irregularities and even criminality in the investigations, with pathetic cases of carelessness.

Many of the perpetrators had fled to the United States, and the downplaying of the seriousness of the problem had encouraged a climate of impunity. Feminist he House commission on feminicide An examination of the actions of government kocal, above all at the federal level, demonstrated inadequacy, limited technical capacities, serious errors and even attempts to cover up for those possibly implicated.

In addition to harassing relatives and human rights defenders, officials reportedly tortured suspects to get confessions.

Relatives of the victims refused to accept the convictions that had been made in these trials not only because the investigations, interrogations and the trials themselves were plagued with irregularities, coerced witnesses and a lack ofconvincing evidence, but also because the murders were vhat with the same cruel MO. The relatives felt the authorities only wanted to hush the clamor.

Feminicide in ciudad juárez: a multidimensional challenge

Repeatedly over these years, the civil organizations have accused police corps linked to the drug cartels, accomplices and political chiefs from both the PAN and the PRI. This commission is currently chaired by feminist legislator Marcela Lagarde and is working tly with a similar body in the Senate. The federal government only acted in response to international pressure For many years, the federal government stayed out of the investigations, alleging that it was a state issue.

When the situation reached critical proportions in and national and international pressure started bearing down heavily, the PGR took on a few of the cases, confirming the similar characteristics of the victims and the MO of the killers. The civic organizations suggested various paths of investigation: that it might have been a serial killer, or related to drug trafficking, or domestic violence, or even a US citizen who crossed the border, committed the crimes and returned to his chihuahua chat women sex local.

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Meanwhile, the Secretary of Government declared that, while he did not agree with everything in the Amnesty International report, he would take up its recommendations. President Fox acknowledged that the problem was worrying and infuriating and admitted that much remained to be done to create a country free of human rights chihuauua. Following legislative pressure, the PGR also ased a special prosecuting attorney to these crimes. It is more like a Truth Commission than anything else.

Among its civil advisers are prominent public figures such as writer Elena Ponatiowska. Those directly responsible, their accomplices and those who turned a blind eye must assume this stigma, together with those who through fear or silent discrimination contributed to the vacuum of information that has been fatal for hundreds of women. Due to impunity, crime has taken over the city.

Many mothers doubt whether the bodies released to them really belong to their daughters, since proper identification examinations have not been conducted. The pain is ongoing and insuperable. Much of the evidence that could lead to the guilty parties has already been erased or irrecoverably damaged. She pledged to promote a reform with the local congress that would protect the rights of women and children and improve the social, family and work environment for women.

She specified that her work—to listen to those who have been ignored—has barely begun and that she wants to fill her institutional coordinating role so their voices will be heard. She added that she would reopen the cases that the government had already dispensed with.

As to be expected in an environment such as this, the commissioner, too, has had to suffer the hostility of the PRI government in Chihuahua. But at the same time, she is winning over the activists who finally recognize in her words the same language they have been using for years. The special prosecuting attorney ased to investigate the cases also presented a report on its progress in mid Or at the campaigns of some chihuahua chat women sex local, which suggested that women dress decently to avoid being raped and murdered.

And who is protecting the killers? The relatives of the women want justice, an end to impunity, punishment for negligent and corrupt government officials and government funds to pay for the funerals of the dead. The civil society organizations, arguing that these crimes are not only a national but a worldwide embarrassment, insist that international treaties be respected and that the three branches of the state fulfill their obligations by not letting these crimes run out the clock on the statute of limitations.

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President Fox has declared several times this year that all possible causes for these crimes are being looked into: external social causes, procedural errors, negligence, complicity or any other action outside the law in the investigations. He has pledged that those responsible for illegal conduct in the investigations will be tried and punished and that those responsible for the crimes will be brought to justice. Cjihuahua civil organizations responded by demanding tangible and stressed structural factors such as unemployment, violence and the limited capability of the political class, which have provoked public disillusionment with governors, legislators and political parties in general.

They also requested public recognition of the dignity of the chinuahua and survivors and compensation for their families. Womdn was broadcast at prime time on one of the channels with the most powerful al. All such dissemination of these outrageous crimes has sparked strong reactions against those who want the scandal swept under the rug.

Data on the terror Human rights defenders have demanded that public resources be earmarked for seeking the missing women and that chihuahka DNA databank be created to identify the bodies. Meanwhile, existing statistics are shaky due to all the sloppy—or perhaps sometimes intentionally destructive—investigations combined with the fact that some bodies were not found for years.