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As of September there were species on the official list. One species whose record is under review by the DBRC is not included. Only birds that have occurred as wild individuals in Delaware are listed; this includes introduced species which have established self-sustaining populations in the wild. Birds delaware chat to have occurred only as escapes from captivity are not included. The following tags have been used to annotate some species: A Accidental - occur seldom and unpredictably and require documentation for reports to be accepted by the DBRC to enter the official record I Introduced - a species established by direct or indirect human intervention Contents.

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Unc wilmington vs delaware state college basketball picks, odds, predictions 12/23/20

This article made me open my eyes to the fact that as much as we think prison guards have control of their inmates, sometimes that is not the case. I found it extra delaaware that the inmates felt the only way they could get delaware chat points across was to hold guards hostage. This seemed twisted to me because they obviously were not going to be able to delaeare these hostages forever, and they would delaware chat have to realize that what they were doing would be for nothing.

All negative things aside, I also feel like this event should open the eyes to prison officials as to how important and crucial their safety is. Karli Doerr February 7, at pm I found delawwre event very surprising and shocking.

As we discussed in class it delaware chat hard to understand what at that particular moment caused the inmates to react in such a way. I am also curious as to what if they had been planning this event or if it just happened at that moment because cjat the way the inmates had barricaded the doors with water and also how they demanded certain things. It is also hard to understand how this does not delaware chat more often in prisons because of the guards to inmates ratio.

I cannot imagine how people training for those types of positions must feel after this event.

I know if I were training and planning to go to Delaware I might reconsider or at least be more curious on the safety measures that they had there. Trish Sorenson February 8, at delaware chat I find these types of events extremely disheartening when it comes to our criminal justice system. It is delaaare that the Delaware prisoners had to stoop to the level of revolting against their superiors to ddelaware for things. Although, I do understand why they were demanding for education, better trained guards, and thorough rehabilitation programs.

Those demands are not absurd- they are something that all prisons should provide for their inmates to better themselves.

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I would hope that the superiors do not look down upon the inmates for causing a riot thus not giving them their demands in the future. However, as a community we cannot look past the sadness of losing Sergeant Steven Floyd, while doing his job. As investigators look into his death more closely, hopefully there will be justice chatt for Sergeant Floyd. Alyssia Kleinhans February 8, at pm With this being a 19 hour standoff with inmates I am surprised that only one officer was killed, thankfully there was not more injured or killed.

As brought up in class, what makes inmates abide by the rules, for the most delaware chat, when they could easily riot.

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For the ones that tried to escape, they were caught anyways. After reading delaware chat about this tragedy, it is obvious that the inmates were upset about programs going on in the prison, but I am curious how this situation ultimately started that day. To me this riot would not help the situation, in fact I think it will make it worse. The inmates wanted better education, programs, etc. Nicole Hey, my name is Nicole.

How are you doing today? deoaware

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