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Research Review: Vegetarianism. A blossoming field of study. Appetite ; Puskar-Pasewicz, Margaret A. Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism. The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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Research Review: Vegetarianism.

A blossoming field of study. Appetite ; Puskar-Pasewicz, Margaret A. Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism. The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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Chapter online at: www. Philosophy Comes to Dinner. Arguments on the Ethics of Eating. New York, NY, Routledge. The Moral Rights of Animals.

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Lanham, MD, Lexington Books. Im Restaurant. Eine Geschichte aus dem Bauch der Moderne.

Berlin, Suhrkamp. The Ethics of Killing Animals. Los Angeles, Sage Publication. Appetite Wiesbaden, Springer VS.

De Backer, Charlotte J. Meat morals: relationship between meat consumption consumer attitudes towards human and animal welfare and moral sdx. Meat Science Denker, Christian.

Vom Geist des Bauches. Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag. Attached to meat? Un Willingness and intentions to adopt a more plant-based diet. Meat, beyond the plate. Data-driven hypotheses for understanding consumer willingness to adopt a more plant-based diet.

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Appetite 90 1 : Grau, Christopher McMahan on Speciesism and Deprivation. Southern Journal of Philosophy 53 2 : Values, attitudes, and frequency of meat consumption. Predicting meat-reduced diet in Australians. Herring, Ronald J.

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Was der Mensch essen darf. Wiesbaden, Springer. In Defense of Eating Meat.

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 28 2 : The Routledge History of Food. Vegan diet: motives, approach and duration. Initial of a quantitative sociological study. Kerschke-Risch, Pamela Erste Ergebnisse einer quantitativen sozialwissenschaftlichen Studie. LeRette, Denise Elaine Stories of microaggressions directed toward vegans and vegetarians in social settings PhD, Fielding Graduate University.

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MacInnis, Cara C. Evidence of bias toward vegetarians and vegans from both source and target.

Newmyer, Stephen T. London, Routledge.

Free sex chat room in vinnari

Rationalizing meat consumption. The 4Ns. Appetite 91 1 : British Food Journal 3 cinnari Investigation of lifestyle choices of individuals following a vegan diet for health and ethical reasons. Rothgerber, Hank Can you have your meat and eat it too? Conscientious omnivores, vegetarians, and adherence to diet.

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Singer, Peter The case of vegetable and fish consumption in Norway. Unti, Bernard Helstosky, Carol ed.

New York, NY, Routledge: Diet, authoritarianism, social dominance orientation, and predisposition to prejudice: of a German survey. British Food Journal 7 : Sixth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition. Proceedings of a symposium held in Loma Linda, CA. Beezhold, Bonnie L. Vegans report less stress and anxiety than omnivores.

Beverland, Michael B.

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Journal of Macromarketing 34 3 : Food and Foodways 22 4 : Brinkman, Britney G. Self-objectification, feminist activism and conformity to feminine norms among female vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. Eating Behaviors 15 1 : Brumberg-Kraus, Jonathan Jewish Quarterly Review 1 : Comparison of food intake of vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescents.

Calvert, Amy I was a teenage vegan: Motivation and maintenance of lifestyle movements. Focus on Punks. Sociological Inquiry: Preprint online. Contoisa, Emily Reviewed item: Shprintzen, Adam D.

The Vegetarian Crusade. The Rise of an American Reform Movement. Counihan, Carole ed. Food Activism: Agency, Democracy and Economy. London, Bloomsbury. Cronin, James M.

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Covert distinction: how hipsters practice food-based resistance strategies in the production of identity. Consumption, Markets and Culture 17 1 : Dean, Megan A. You Are How You Eat? Societies 4 2 : Ecology of Food and Nutrition Most differences appear between vegetarians rooj both groups of semi-vegetarians. Animal-rights and ecological concerns, together with taste preferences, predict vegetarianism, while an increase in health motives increases the odds of being semi-vegetarian.