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Friend chats

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By Rachel Chapman June 13, At this point, a group chat is as necessary friend chats brunch for any close squad. How else do you keep in touch during the work week and plan out your weekends together? You need that text chain to turn to when you have a serious question to ask, need fashion advice for a date, or found a funny link you want to share with your besties. It's basically where all of your friends can hang out when you're not together, which is why you need clever group chat names for best friend chats.

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Send this link to the chain ASAP, and see what name sticks out as the group fave. If you're on Facebook Messenger, you can put together a poll to find out which one wins the popular vote. Although, dhats might not friend chats need a poll, because you're all on the same wavelength.

You might know right away which name will be everyone's fave. Once you decide on one, it's time to get back to planning that trendy weekend brunch you can't wait for.

Selfie Squad 2. My Bae-Goals 4. Ketchup And Relish The Moments 5.

Koalaty Friends 7. Caution: Spilled Tea In Here 8. Friendchips And Dip 9.

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We Taco 'Bout It Conduct summary: No abusive or offensive behaviour - we're a friendly room! All welcome: no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexuality, religion etc. Keep safe: don't provide personal details eg phone or full name or meet up in person.

Please ask in public before contacting someone in private. We are friendship only: keep the chat clean with no sexual talk or advances.

Username: choose one that's appropriate and stick to it to limit confusion. Age: unfortunatley we can only welcome chatters aged 13 and above for your own friend chats. Please speak with your parents and exercise caution. Honesty: don't lie about your life circumstances.

Language: while we welcome chatters from all over the world, having multiple languages spoken at once can be confusing. Please have conversations only in English in friend chats main xhats, or of course you can use private chat in any language.

Listen to admin advice - and have fun!!