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Friendly late night chat e mails

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Neelam Parmar, director of e-learning at Ashford School, in Kent, says her school has a policy that discourages the sending of s in the evening. She says this is usually "respected by parents and teachers".

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Carl Ward, head of the City Learning Trust, in Frisndly, says schools need to make sure that staff are not under any pressure to answer s out of working hours.

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cuat It's also not just a problem for teachers in the UK. Lotta Juvin, a school principal from Malmo, in Sweden, says fears of a work overload is damaging the recruitment of teachers in her country. Schools are now expected to act as welfare centres and social workers, she says, adding to the type of out-of-hours requests likely to arrive.

As a school leader, she says, she has to lead by example by not sending out unnecessary s. This will have consequences for how the professor interacts with you and possibly also how they evaluate you. As with any professional interaction, it is in latr best interest to be respectful, polite, and courteous when communicating with professors.

Your s, and the words you use, are a reflection of griendly and your attitudes. Here are a few basic tips that you should follow when ing your professors or instructors.

Ing ‘i’m sick today’

View an to a Professor as a Professional Interaction. In many ways, writing to a professor is no different from writing a business letter. Keep in mind that you are not texting with a friend or writing a casual message to an acquaintance -- this is a professional interaction with someone who is an expert in their field and in an official position to evaluate you and grade your work.

Your s should contain the proper parts of letter, convey respect and courtesy, and reflect the fact you are a serious student.

Here are a few specific tips: Begin your by addressing your professor by title and name, and end your with a s and your ature. A message that begins without a maills or ends without a ature could be viewed as rudeness or indifference on the part of the writer. Refer to your professor by the title "Professor" or "Dr. If your professor has a Ph. D, you should address them as "Professor LastName" or "Dr.

2. look over your address

If they do not have a Ph. Unless explicitly instructed to do so, never address your professor by their first name. Begin your with a greeting addressing the w politely, such as "Dear Professor Smith" or "Hi Dr. If the professor does not know you well, use your full name.

How to write a professional work

If the professor knows you or you've spoke in person a few times, your first name will suffice. Be clear and concise. Make sure your message is easy to understand, and that you do not go into unnecessary details.

Writing in laet professional manner does not mean your message must be long. If your question is short or direct, a one-sentence provided it includes a greeting and ature is fine. Use correct spelling and proper grammar.

Stop sending e-mail you'll regret with Gmail Goggles | IT World Canada News

If your is filled with spelling and grammar errors it indicates one of two things: 1 You are woefully uneducated; or 2 You care so little about the person you are writing that you are unwilling to take the time to write properly. Neither is something you want to convey to your professor.

Use complete sentences. Use proper spelling, capitalization, and grammar.

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Do not use grammatically incorrect colloquialisms, such as "gonna" or "could of". Do not use emoticons. Do not use text abbreviations, such as "R U gonna have ur class 2morrow cuz i won't b there". Bad English hcat slam doors you didn't even know existed.

Stop sending s after hours

In addition to the content of your message, there are other ffriendly aspects to being professional and courteous in. Use an with an appropriate address. Ideally, you should use your university. Cutesy, offensive, or childish addresses are inappropriate in professional interactions, and it is a big mistake if you use one.

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Allen Tsui, academic enrichment programme leader at Willow Brook primary academy, in east London, says schools are recognising the importance of preventing an excess of s. And caht shouldn't be because people "need to be seen" by sending everyone an on Saturday afternoons. He says the difficulty with dealing with parents' s is that it can laet such an open-ended dialogue. How do you go about answering s about "who got the parts in the Christmas play"? It's about diplomacy as well as directness and s run the risk of being interpreted differently from how they were intended.