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Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Summary The cbat, an ancient small brain area in the epithalamus, densely expresses nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and is chwt for nicotine intake and aversion. As such, identification of strategies to manipulate habenular activity chay yield new approaches to treat nicotine addiction. Here we show that GPR, an orphan G protein-coupled receptor GPCR highly enriched in the habenula of humans and rodents is expressed at presynaptic membranes and synaptic vesicles, and associates with synaptic components controlling vesicle release and ion transport. Deletion of Gpr inhibits evoked neurotransmission but enhances spontaneous miniature synaptic currents geo chat eliminates short-term plasticity induced by nicotine. GprKO mice show diminished behavioral responses to nicotine, and self-administer greater quantities geo chat the drug, phenotypes rescued by viral re-expression of Gpr in the habenula.

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Microsoft Teams In this article Microsoft Teams is group chat software, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft and Caht This is a key leading-edge capability for Teams to surface files hosted across multiple Geos in its native files experience. Also, the user can access the most recently used files under the Recent view blade.

Recent files may include files shared with the user from users in other Geos and might be mastered in other Geo locations that the tenant is extended to. That gso, if geo chat European satellite user is creating a Team, the corresponding Groups site will be created in the Europe location and the files associated with that Team group will be kept at rest in that location.

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Any subsequent experiences, such as ing a new file or editing the file, will be targeted to that European location, keeping the promise of data residency for those files. This is all made possible by the underlying foundation Microsoft Groups becoming Multi-Geo aware.

gep Because a Multi-Geo tenancy is a single global tenant, during mentions satellite users will be able to see their colleagues from across the globe, no matter where they reside. Note that conversations in chats and meeting IM notes within the Teams experience are not Multi-Geo aware and are all kept only inside the central location of the tenant. Is this helpful?