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Adding a Long Text long message a Message Prerequisites A message of an appropriate valid message class must exist in a program. Context If you need messabe display a message with more than 73 digits, enter a long text for the message. Note Long text can be added to every message which is not marked as self-explanatory. If you add long text to a message, the editor jessage automatically deactivate the checkbox. Double-click the Message Class level. Select the message to which you want to add a long text.

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Note You can only add a long text to a message, if the message is not marked as Self Explanatory. Choose button Long Long message in the message class editor. You can enter the following information levels, for example: Cause: Reason why the problem occurred.


System Response: Details about the result of attempts made by the system to succeed. What to do: Procedure for next steps, to be performed by the user.

Sys Admin: Procedure for next steps, to be performed by the system administrator. Figure 1: Display of the Workbench editor where you add a long text to a message Save the entries. Note All messages which have been lony or changed will be locked until they are saved.

That is why the little cat is worrying about how long could the longest original text be. Why ask you to write a program?

There are four resions: 1. The little cat is so busy these days with physics lessons; 2.

The little cat wants to keep what he said to his mother seceret; 3. POJ is such a great Online Judge; 4.

The little cat wants to earn some money from POJ, and try to persuade his mother to see the doctor : Input Two long message with lowercase letters on two of the input lines individually. of characters in each one will never exceed Output A single line with a single integer — what is the mesasge length of the original text written by the little cat. Sample Input.