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Segool, Natasha K. Communiquev39 n8 p1, Jun Rapid advances in digital technologies have resulted in school professionals having to prfoessional with new and complex dilemmas related to balancing student privacy, safety, and legal rights and restrictions, often with little to no guidance from school or district policies. Students commonly bring cellular telephones, smartphones, iPods, and other professional sexting media devices to schools. Technological advances that allow cell phone users to send digital text messages, aexting images, and moving video, as well as provide access to the Internet with data plans, have exponentially increased the complexity of the ethical, legal, and professional issues facing school professionals who have a responsibility to educate students in a safe school environment. This article considers the legal and professional issues that sexting raises for school psychologists, discusses the emotional sextin of sexting among teens, explores new laws that may change the legal landscape for minors involved in professional sexting, and provides key insights for how school psychologists can mitigate the risks of sexting among students.

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